Energate Not Susceptible to the Heartbleed bug.

Energate Not Susceptible to the Heartbleed bug.

Energate takes security and privacy very seriously.

With the recent concerns with the Heartbleed bug we immediately performed a vulnerability analysis on all our systems.

We are glad to report that none of our systems use the affected OpenSSL code, and Energate’s CORE Middleware, Load Management System (LMS), and Consumer Portal were not and are not susceptible to the Heartbleed bug.

However, we went the extra mile and tested for vulnerability to ensure that we did not miss anything and that our systems are secure.

While those of you who are using the MyEnergate Consumer Portal and Mobile Application are not exposed to the Heartbleed bug, we do suggest that normal precautions regarding passwords be followed. When you follow your password procedures, do not use the same password for all sites, or change passwords on sites after the Heartbleed update has been patched.

As a precaution, you can change your MyEnergate password at any time.

Thank you for your continued support

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