Webinar: Introducing HōlHōm+

Webinar: Introducing HōlHōm+

To date, utilities have not had a cost-effective option to deploy a continuously monitored and verifiable Demand Response (DR) or Direct Load Control (DLC) solution— especially without an Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI). And, when AMI is eventually deployed, existing field devices do not have the right technology to pair them with ZigBee meters. Not any more with HōlHōm.

Energate’s HōlHōm+™ (pronounced whole home plus) Solution provides utilities, particularly those that haven’t yet deployed AMI, with the ability to deploy advanced home energy management features and services to their residential and small business customers. At the same time, HōlHōm+ provides reliable, verifiable, and real-time responsive DR capabilities.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How whole-house energy management is possible
  • How to achieve measurable and verifiable two-way DR without a smart meter
  • How no DR asset is left behind when upgrading to AMI
  • How to provide both the consumer and the utility with complete visibility and control of their energy usage
  • How wireless technology helps expedite installation

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