Webinar: Energate’s MyEnergate Mobile Application

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Webinar: Energate’s MyEnergate Mobile Application

MyEnergate Mobile Application

In today’s mobile world, having access and control of functionality that affects your daily life is paramount. By having control, your customers not only make their lives easier, but also far more productive as the systems provided by smart device applications give them insights that were not previously available. 

Energate’s MyEnergate Mobile Application for both Apple and Android devices can provide your customers with insight into how they control their thermostat, as well as the associated cost saving implications.





In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to view and change current temperature settings including Heat, Cool (Auto, Off) and Fan (Auto, On) settings
  • How to adjust an Energate thermostat to automatically respond to increases in the price of electricity by selecting one of multiple energy-savings modes
  • How to monitor the energy use of major appliances in the home to make informed decisions to lower energy use
  • How to save money on your electricity bill with the whole home electricity usage graphs
  • How to opt-out of Load Control / Energy Events from your utility provider

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