Supporting Energy Innovation in Vaughan

Supporting Energy Innovation in Vaughan

Ontario Funding Innovative Smart Grid Project 

Ontario is building a smarter electricity grid by funding projects that will allow residents to monitor and control their electricity consumption in response to dynamic pricing schedules.

Ottawa-based Energate has been offered support from Ontario’s Smart Grid Fund program to test a customer driven peak- reduction solution that will use programmable residential thermostats to monitor and control electricity demand in response to dynamic pricing schedules set by the collaborating utility.

Energate has partnered with PowerStream to offer ‘Advantage Power Pricing,’ a dynamic pricing program currently being piloted to residential customers throughout PowerStream’s service territory, including those who reside in the City of Vaughan.

The Smart Grid Fund supports the development of new and emerging technologies that will bring benefits to Ontario’s homes and businesses – including fewer service disruptions, more efficient energy consumption and increased grid security.

Building a smart grid and supporting innovation is part of the government’s economic plan that is creating jobs for today and tomorrow. The comprehensive plan and its six priorities focus on Ontario’s greatest strengths – its people and strategic partnerships.


“Building a smarter grid has long been a key part of our government’s plan to modernize our energy infrastructure and provide clean, reliable affordable power to consumers. Projects supported through the Ontario’s Smart Grid Fund support the vision that will bring to market the next generation of smart grid solutions.”
— Bob Chiarelli, Minister of Energy

Quick Facts 

  • The Behind the Meter category for the Smart Grid Fund projectsfeature customer-side technologies that enable two-way information exchange between consumer and utility in order to improve system efficiency and consumer cost management.
  • Energate and PowerStream have also collaborated with Environics on their Customer Opt-In Dynamic Pricing Programs project.
  • The Smart Grid Fund is a $50 million program that supports high-value opportunities to advance energy innovation in Ontario.
  • Launched in April 2011, the Smart Grid Fund supported eleven projects prior to announcing this batch, and has created more than 600 direct and indirect jobs.
  • Ontario’s Smart Grid is supported by 4.8 million smart meters installed in homes and businesses across the province.

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