Webinar: Presenting Ingenu Technology

Webinar: Presenting Ingenu Technology

Are you interested in wireless communications systems for the Industrial Internet of Things? Energate is, and Ingenu (formerly OnRamp Wireless) can provide it.

Ingenu developed the first wireless system purpose built to efficiently connect billions of hard to reach devices and Energate is incorporating the Ingenu RPMA® (Random Phase Multiple Access) Network into its Consumer Connected Demand Response (CCDR) platform.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to use your existing Itron network to capture the value of 2-way demand response programs, including direct load control and pricing
  • What the benefits of real-time electricity usage information are for your customers
  • How the end-to-end integration improves device management for demand response and smart grid capabilities
  • How your investment in the Itron network enables a utility to keep pace as utility demand response and conservation programs change

Presenting Ingenu (formerly On-Ramp Wireless) from Energate Inc on Vimeo.

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