Texas Energy Retailer TriEagle Offers Energy Management

Texas Energy Retailer TriEagle Offers Energy Management

TriEagle Energy is working with local T&D utilities and providers of energy management systems in Texas to help power consumers reduce power use via in-home devices that are free for some low-income families, the energy retailer told the press last week.  In-home displays and smart thermostats interact with smart meters from Energate to give consumers real-time energy-use data, it added.

The firm is a unit of Crius Energy and specializes in commercial and small industrial business it said.

The devices help educate consumers on how much power they have used and what it is costing them, the firm noted.  Smart thermostats also help keep energy users informed by letting them monitor temperatures in their home and the energy being used by their air conditioner.

With better understanding of how power is used, people can save up to 12% a year on energy costs, TriEagle Energy said, quoting a study by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy.

Source SmartGridToday: read the full article in the Sept 15, 2015 issue

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