Energate Announces its LC2200, A New, Cost Effective, Easy-to-Deploy Load Control Switch for Utilities

Energate Announces its LC2200, A New, Cost Effective, Easy-to-Deploy Load Control Switch for Utilities

ORLANDO – February 9, 2016 – Energate Inc., a leading provider of interactive energy management solutions that enable next-generation energy management for the Utility Internet of Things (IoT) and the connected home, announced today the expansion of its LC2000 Load Switch Platform by introducing the LC2200 ZigBee™ wired load control switch.  The LC2200 is the second load switch based on the new platform and follows the recently released LC2100 for point-to-multi-point communications over the Ingenu Machine Network.

“The LC2200 load control switch is a utility and consumer friendly cost-effective solution for residential and light commercial electrical loads, such as air conditioning, motors, pool pumps, and electric water heaters.” Said Steve Dodds, Energate’s CEO “We have taken what is typically a utility-only asset traditionally used for direct load control, energy efficiency, and demand response programs and added consumer friendly features that will increase adoption.”

Utilities can install the LC2200 indoors or outdoors without specialized tools and the integrated junction box and advanced set of status indicators minimizes installation time and costs.  The LC2200 has a single low and high voltage option as well as multiple relay configurations of up to two low and two high voltage relays.

In addition to supporting traditional duty cycling load control strategies, the LC2200 incorporates Energate’s exclusive OptiCycle™ adaptive cycling to maximize load reductions.  The LC2200 also supports standard load switch functions such as cold load pick-up and randomization.

The LC2200 is price responsive and supports a broad range of utility pricing programs.  With the release of the power measurement option later in 2016 it will also provide consumers with device level consumption information. Combined with additional consumer features including the optional mobile application and internet access, as well as support for event opt-out (remote and local), scheduling, and price sensitivity make it the most advanced load control switch on the market today.

The LC2200 is ZigBee™ SEP 1.x compliant and is built on Energate’s next generation LC2000 Load Switch Platform, and is fully integrated with Energate’s Consumer Connected Demand Response Platform.

LC2200 Load Control Switch

Utilities can manage large residential electrical loads such as central air conditioning, pool pumps, and electric water heaters while providing local opt-out capability with the LC2200 load control switch.

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