Energate Selected For California Summer Peaking Technology Test

LC2200 PGE Peaking

Energate Selected For California Summer Peaking Technology Test

Energate’s LC2200 Two-way Communicating Direct Load Control Switch Capabilities Being Tested

OTTAWA – August 29, 2016 – Energate Inc., a leading provider of interactive energy management solutions that enable next-generation energy management for the Utility Internet of Things (IoT) and the connected home, has been selected by Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) to explore a new two-way direct load control solution technology for residential customers.

The technology assessment, already underway, will measure the load reduction values of multiple technologies including Energate’s recently introduced LC2200 Load Control Switch.  The technologies are installed in a small sample of existing residential customer’s homes and leverages PG&E’s AMI network. Energate’s LC2200 Load Control Switch will add two-way communications utilizing the existing ZigBee enabled meters for control and insight into load shedding events and represents a significant evolution in DR technology.

“We are confident that this technology assessment will demonstrate the improved efficacy using our LC2200,” said Steve Dodds, Energate’s CEO. “It is the perfect load control switch for utilities who depend on the reliability and security of their Advanced Metering Infrastructure, which is typically more dependable than relying exclusively on the customers’ Wi-Fi and broadband.”

The LC2200 uses secure and reliable ZigBee™ Smart Energy for two-way communication and works on PG&E’s current AMI network.

“It has been a multi-year effort working with our customers to deliver what could easily be described as the best wired DR load control switch on the market today,”  said Louis Szablya, Energate’s Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing.  “We have worked with multiple utilities, AMI Vendors, and installers to develop the LC2200 which can be used with the millions of meters already installed throughout the world.”

Advanced sensing inside the switch along with two-way communication provides near-real time information, including confirmation of LC2200 availability and statuses like load running state, event execution progress, and relay state. Knowing the availability and operating status of loads captures the full value of demand response resources that utilities and independent system operators are increasingly relying on to manage the balance between generation and load.

Assuring load reduction values even if oversized or undersized air conditioners are installed is made possible through Energate’s patent pending OptiCycle™ technology which will be utilized during the pilot.  OptiCycle assures that each load reduces fairly and proportionally, minimizing the overall impact on comfort for all participants. The technology assessment’s final evaluation report is expected in October 2016.

About Energate

Energate Inc. provides interactive energy management solutions that enable next-generation energy management and the connected home. Energate’s vertically integrated Consumer Connected Demand Response™ platform provides management of two-way communication and demand response events through a flexible solution that includes devices, middleware, and applications. Energate’s Internet of Things solution is an interoperable architecture that has been proven in the homes of more than 40 North American utilities’ customers.



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