Energate to Supply ZigBee Load Switches For Home Energy Management Program to West Coast Utility

Energate to Supply ZigBee Load Switches For Home Energy Management Program to West Coast Utility

Energate’s LC2200 Two-way Communicating Direct Load Control Devices Enable Next-Generation Energy Management

OTTAWA – June 13, 2017 – Energate Inc., the leader in ZigBee SEP interactive energy management solutions that enable the Utility Internet of Things (IoT) next-generation energy management and the connected home, will supply Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) with load control switches for the next phase of the company’s SmartAC™ program.

Energate will deliver its LC2200 load switches using the secure ZigBee Smart Energy Profile providing two-way communications via PG&E’s existing ZigBee enabled meters.  The LC2200 delivers both control and insight into load shedding events and is a significant advancement of Demand Response and Direct Load Control technologies.

LC2200 Load Control SwitchThe LC2200 includes advanced internal sensing to capture real-time information including LC2200 availability, load running status, event execution, and relay status.  Knowing the availability and operating status of loads captures the full value of demand response resources that utilities and independent system operators are increasingly relying on to cost effectively manage the balance between generation and load.

“Energate’s compact LC2200 load switches are easy to install and the ability to test on site prior to installation confirms connectivity and avoids wasted time,”  said Doug Dycus, GoodCents Northern California Operations Manager.  “Energate actively sought our input when they were developing the LC2200 to guarantee that it was easy to install and commission cost-effectively.”

The LC2200 incorporates Energate’s patent pending OptiCycle™ technology, assuring each load is reduced fairly and proportionally, minimizing the overall impact on comfort for all participants.  The easy-to-install LC2200 has an integrated junction box, options for control of both low voltage and line voltage circuits, ability to control up to four loads, and power measurement options.  In addition, for the consumer it can be scheduled for energy efficiency, and respond directly to electricity price to save money.

“Energate has developed strong relationships with its utility customers and is very pleased to be providing the LC2200 load switches to PG&E for its SmartAC program,” said Steve Dodds, Energate’s CEO. “This reflects well on Energate’s capabilities and expertise. The LC2000 suite of load switches is very cost effective, and is proving to be the most versatile load switch option on the market.”

About Energate

Energate Inc. provides interactive energy management solutions that enable next-generation energy management and the connected home. Energate’s vertically integrated Consumer Connected Demand Response™ platform provides management of two-way communication and demand response events through a flexible solution that includes devices, middleware, and applications. Energate’s Internet of Things solution is an interoperable architecture that has been proven in the homes of many North American utilities’ customers.



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