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Customer Opt-in Dynamic Pricing (CODP)

PROJECT OVERVIEW Dynamic pricing is an innovative way to create a win-win situation for customers and the electricity grid, offering an alternative to the traditional Time-of-Use (TOU) model. Ottawa-based energy solutions company, Energate Inc., worked with Ontario utility, Alectra Inc. (formerly PowerStream), to develop the Customer Opt-in Dynamic Pricing (CODP) program. The program was marketed to 1,000 participants as Advantage Power Pricing (APP) a technology enabled dynamic pricing program for residential customers. By encouraging customers to shift demand to off-peak periods, it continues to provide savings to both the grid and to customers. Participants were provided with an Energate Foundation Smart Thermostat that automatically responds to price signals based…


Consumer Engagement for the Smart Grid (CESG)

PROJECT OVERVIEW As Ontario’s power grid becomes smarter, many Local Distribution Companies (LDCs) are looking for ways to incentivise residential customers to reduce energy consumption. Ottawa-based energy solutions company, Energate, has developed an end-to-end solution that allows consumers to take control of their energy consumption while helping utilities improve performance. The company’s Consumer Connected Demand Response (CCDR) platform includes mobile apps, web portals, smart thermostats, wired load switches, and smart plugs that all leverage two-way connectivity. With the support of Ontario’s Ministry of Energy, and funded in part by Ontario’s Smart Grid Fund, six Ontario LDCs partnered with Energate to deploy their solution into 733 homes across the province.…

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