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Energate Management Team

Steve Dodds

Steve Dodds – Chief Executive Officer

  • Former Chief Operating Officer of Energate
  • Former Vice President Global Operations of Mitel Corporation
  • Former EVP and Co-Founder of BreconRidge Manufacturing Solutions Corporation
Jorge Deligiannis

Jorge Deligiannis – Chief Technology Officer

  • Former Director of Engineering, Enerstat Limited
  • An industry-recognized expert in the design and development of advanced thermostats, HVAC control systems and communications technology
Steve Riedel

Steve Riedel – Chief Financial Officer

  • Chartered Accountant and Certified Financial Analyst with a diverse background in M&A, restructuring, manufacturing and power generation
  • Former Vice President Corporate Finance at Brookfield Renewable Power
  • Former Vice President Merchant Banking at Brookfield Asset Management
Louis Szablya

Louis Szablya – EVP Sales & Marketing

  • Former Director Smart Grid Integration at SAIC
  • Former Consultant at Smart Grid & Utility Consulting
  • Former Executive Vice President Sales & Delivery at GridPoint
Rick Szijarto

Rick Szijarto – VP Solutions & Business Development

  • Former EVP, CTO role at Cast Group of Companies Inc.
  • Experienced in bringing complex control and modeling/simulation systems from concept to market
  • Recognized with an Emmy for game-changing innovation in the entertainment industry
Scott McKenzie

Scott McKenzie – VP Operations

  • Former Vice President Customer Service at Natural Convergence
  • Former Director Product Development at Mitel
  • Recognized for expertise in building “best-in-class” customer support and service teams

Vincent Lavoie

 Vincent Lavoie – VP Engineering & Program Management

  • Former Director, Group Development Programs at EMS Global Tracking
  • Former Vice President, IT & High Technology at Leadmark Consulting Group
  • Former Vice President, Engineering at DY4 Systems Inc. (Now Curtiss-Wright Controls)
  • Career experience in high reliability, mission critical systems/software, engineering and project management

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