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CORE-_middlewareCORE Middleware

CORE Middleware manages the devices and communications with field assets and provides open APIs for applications, playing a pivotal role in Energate’s Interactive Energy Management solution.

CORE Middleware:

  • Leverages in-home technologies so utilities can remotely monitor, configure, diagnose and, with Energate’s Load Management System (LMS), manage in-home devices
  • Captures in-home data including energy consumption, equipment performance, indoor temperature, and other data elements that can be made available to both utilities and consumers
  • Provides software and firmware management services, including firmware monitoring and over-the-air updates to in-home devices
  • Executes, monitors, and reports end-to-end delivery of demand response events and messages to any SEP 1.X compatible device over multiple communications networks, making it future proof

CORE is communication network infrastructure agnostic, and is adaptable to the changing dynamics of your day-to-day back-office systems.

You can integrate CORE features with:

  • Energate’s LMS or third-party Demand Response Management Systems to provide access to and control of in-home devices for energy management
  • Energate’s Consumer Portal, as well as third-party portals to provide access to and control of energy consumption
  • Any number of communications paths (even with legacy systems) to homes and small businesses, including AMI head-end systems such as Sensus FlexNet™ and Itron OpenWay®, as well as over the Internet with Energate’s ZIP Connect™ ZigBee to IP broadband gateway, or one-way communications head-end systems, including FLEX paging

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