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Energy_DisplayIn-Home Energy Displays

Our Interactive Energy Management solution offers you and your consumers many options to view and manage energy consumption and costs. By providing them with up-to-date, real-time information on their energy costs, they can adapt their energy use to save money and to reduce their environmental footprint.

Our range of in-home energy display offerings include:

  • Standalone in-home energy displays supporting multiple communications
  • IHD functionality is built-in to Energate’s Foundation Smart Thermostat and Home Energy Gateway
  • Basic and premium web-based MyEnergate Consumer Portals
  • MyEnergate Mobile apps for tablets and smartphones

Standalone ZigBee IHD – ZEV110


The ZEV110 is a highly reliable, secure, in-home display that presents real-time energy use, price and billing data, and utility text messages communicated from a linked smart meter. It has a simple user interface with no configuration, setup, or user instruction required.

Key Capabilities

  • Views current household electricity use
  • Tracks electricity consumption over time
  • Tests consumption of operating individual appliances
  • Receives and acknowledges messages from the utility or service provider

Key Features

  • Current Usage (kW, $), Historical Usage (kWh, $), Price ($/kWh), Text Messages, Time
  • Intuitive peak pricing LEDs (Green, Yellow, Red)
  • Rechargeable NiMH battery—three weeks between charges
  • English, French and Spanish
  • ZigBee® Smart Energy Public Profile; IEEE 802.15.4 MAC, 2.4GHz
  • Magnetic backing  and supporting foot

Standalone Non-AMI IHD – ZEV50


The ZEV50 displays data collected directly from the meter and tells consumers at a glance how much electricity their homes are using from moment-to-moment and in total. No electrician or rewiring required, and the ZEV50 can either be pre-commissioned or commissioned by the user.

Key Capabilities

  • Reads moment-to-moment energy use and costs in kW, kWh and dollars
  • Measures how much energy and dollars are consumed by specific appliances
  • Views energy price and breakdown for each pricing tier
  • Automatic updating of demand and consumption to provide near real-time feedback

Key Features

  • Views information for current and previous period or month including total consumption
  • Notifies user of current electricity price
  • Uses the monthly estimating feature to forecast the impact of energy use changes
  • Portable, wireless monitor with touch screen
  • Graphical speedometer style display showing energy consumption at a glance
  • Displays date, time and outside temperature (°F or °C)

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