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Energy_DisplayIn-Home Energy Displays – IHD

Our Interactive Energy Management solution offers you and your consumers many options to view and manage energy consumption and costs. By providing them with up-to-date, real-time information on their energy costs, they can adapt their energy use to save money and to reduce their environmental footprint.

Our range of in-home energy display offerings include:

Standalone ZigBee IHD – ZEV100

IHD - ZEV100

The ZEV100 is a highly reliable, secure, in-home consumer display (IHD) which presents real-time energy use, price and billing data, text messages, and other utility-mandated information, as communicated from a ZigBee linked smart meter.

Key Features

  • Low Cost
  • Graphical back-lit screen
  • Two-way wireless
  • Colored LED stoplight for TOU/Tier pricing
  • Secured with Elliptic Curve Cryptography

Key Benefits

  • Simple user interface – an up or down button scrolls the display through easy-to-understand display modes.
  • No configuration, setup, or user instruction is required. ZEV100 displays the utility’s peak pricing status via an intuitive traffic-light green/amber/red LED light configuration.
  • The large back-lit display allows users to view the screen in bright or low light conditions.
  • Battery backup power allows electrical loads to be checked, the unit to communicate with the smart meter and get messages, even if the power is off. This is helpful for users on prepaid metering plans that forgot to top-up their accounts.
  • 2-way ZigBee wireless communications link to the smart meter enables custom features such as pre-payment, opt-out, and data for water and gas usage, if enabled.

Standalone Non-AMI IHD – ZEV50


The ZEV50 displays data collected directly from the meter and tells consumers at a glance how much electricity their homes are using from moment-to-moment and in total. No electrician or rewiring required, and the ZEV50 can either be pre-commissioned or commissioned by the user.

Key Capabilities

  • Reads moment-to-moment energy use and costs in kW, kWh and dollars
  • Measures how much energy and dollars are consumed by specific appliances
  • Views energy price and breakdown for each pricing tier
  • Automatic updating of demand and consumption to provide near real-time feedback

Key Features

  • Views information for current and previous period or month including total consumption
  • Notifies user of current electricity price
  • Uses the monthly estimating feature to forecast the impact of energy use changes
  • Portable, wireless monitor with touch screen
  • Graphical speedometer style display showing energy consumption at a glance
  • Displays date, time and outside temperature (°F or °C)

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