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LMSLoad Management System

Are you worried about peak-load demands and need to implement demand side management programs to manage your residential and small commercial loads?

Energate’s Load Management System (LMS) integrates with Energate’s CORE middleware to provide you with the ability to:

  • Define participant homes
  • Configure the communications gateways and devices in participant homes
  • Monitor and diagnose devices in the home
  • Create schedules and execute Demand Response events

We designed LMS to be communication network infrastructure agnostic, adaptable to the changing dynamics of your day-to-day back office operations, and future proofed to support end-to-end delivery of Demand Response Events for almost any device over a variety of communications networks.

LMS Benefits

With our Load Management System you:

  • Avoid the upfront expense and time of implementing a complex Demand Response Management System (DRMS). If you don’t need all the functionality of a full DRMS initially our LMS may fit your requirements. If it does, you’ll get to the implementation of your Demand Response program quickly. Also, once CORE is in place, moving to a DRMS will be simple and straightforward when that need arises.
  • Enhance consumer engagement through text message delivery to in-home devices—you can even contribute to public safety by sending text messages such as tornado warnings and outage information. You can use filters to ensure the text messages are sent to the right locations.  You can even send messages to individual homes and small businesses if needed.
  • Execute events through our easy-to-use interface; for example, you can easily schedule, initiate and complete execution of an event—our interface supports scheduling future events so you don’t have to do them in real time, and you can predefine events for easy execution.
  • Create events and allow the system to manage them for you.
  • Receive a set of in-depth reports that will provide information such as status and details of HAN in-premises devices, Demand Response events, message events, gateways and devices to view in LMS or through .csv files. Reports are preconfigured and can be examined in depth down to the desired level of information granularity.
  • Enhance your customer service by accessing real-time data that you can drill down through to an individual device, such as a consumer’s thermostat, to view the detailed status and configuration of the device: “It appears as though your thermostat is in cooling mode, perhaps that is why your house is not getting any warmer.”

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