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Load_SwitchesLoad Control Switches

Extending the Smart Grid

Load control switches enable consumers and utilities to conveniently manage energy use and to reduce peak demand. They are a fundamental component of Energate’s Interactive Energy Management solution for both one-way and two-way Direct Load Control (DLC) programs being offered by utilities across North America.

Wired Load Management

  • Controls central air conditioners, electric water heaters and pool pumps.
  • Wired load switches use paging technology to support one-way communications and two-way communication is over ZigBee, Point-to-Multipoint (P2MP) and/or broadband, enabling consumers and utilities to conveniently manage energy use and to reduce peak demand.
  • Over-The-Air upgrades ensure that Wired Load Switches will continue to meet your needs for many years to come.

Energate offers different models of wired load control switches to suit all situations, Including:


Two-way point-to-multi-point (P2MP) communications allow utilities to cycle major electrical loads in support of direct load control (DLC) and demand response (DR) programs. The LC2100 does not depend on the availability of a ZigBee Smart Energy Profile (SEP) smart meter or AMI.


The LC2200 is a discreet compact wired load control switch for utility programs that connects and stays connected delivering consumer features that attract program participants. Manage large residential electrical loads while providing local opt-out capability with two-way direct load control and demand response through ZigBee.

LC301 Series

Manage large residential electrical loads such as central air conditioning, pool pumps, and electric water heaters while providing customers with local opt-out capabilities.

Plug-in Load Management

  • Plugs into a standard North American electrical outlet to control room/window air conditioners, home entertainment systems and appliances, like dishwashers and refrigerators.
  • 15A, 120V on/off remote control.
  • Installs easily – directly into the existing wall electrical outlet.
  • ZigBee SEP 1.1 certified
  • Detailed energy monitoring and reporting of appliances via MyEnergate web portal or mobile app

Energate offers various models of plug-in load control:

PLM1202 Plug-in load manager dual receptacle load management

Extend load control and power measurement to regular household electrical outlets (5A, 120V) witout impacting the consumer, thereby providing opportunities to conserve electricity and manage peak demand.

Smart Plug PLM6193 single receptacle load control

Manage residential plug-in loads for any style of utility program to achieve peak management, conservation, and customer engagement results.

If you already have an established one-way DLC program and are interested in moving towards a two-way solution, you can deploy Energate load control switches to new participants and where your existing equipment is not performing properly.

Basic Features

  • Multiple Deployment Options
    • Reliable design suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations
    • Multiple one-way and two-way communications options including paging, ZigBee Smart Energy Profile, Ingenu’s RPMA® Point-to-Multipoint,  and broadband
    • Configurations available for direct high-voltage load control as well as for 24VAC control
  • Power Measurement
    • Optional power measurement features reports voltage, current, power consumption and power factor (included with the LC301ZP), which can be used in conjunction with a two-way communications link to provide real-time measurement and verification of load control events
  • Consumer Control
    • Consumer control features provide a virtual on-off switch and opt-out functionality from smart phones and other remote clients
  • Configurable “override” for customer temporary “opt-out”
  • Load Control Functionality
    • Cold load pickup feature energizes each load with a random delay after a power failure
    • Load protection features enforce minimum on and off times to protect sensitive loads like A/C compressors
    • Synchronized or non-synchronized relay operations
  • Senses load “calling” in any control circuit
  • Automatic “soft recovery” to ensure operation in even the harshest of environments
  • Senses load current in any load control circuit with ±1% accuracy

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