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MyEnergateMyEnergate – Consumer Portal

Our Consumer Portal is a secure, web-based application that makes it easy for utilities to deploy a consumer portal that provides:

  • Real-time feedback
  • Dynamic rate information for consumers
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Support for utility Demand Response Programs
  • Home Area Network (HAN) device support—smart thermostats and load control switches

Our Consumer Portal makes it easy for consumers to take action, to improve their energy efficiency, to shift usage to non-peak times, and to integrate renewables and distributed energy resources.

Energate’s modular platform allows utilities to configure the web portal in a variety of ways. For example, a web-based application that programs customers’ thermostats based on their preferred comfort and savings settings can attract customers to the program. Utilities can expand features and functionalities as customers demand increasingly sophisticated tools to manage their energy use.

Utility Benefits

  • Advanced customer self-service software application
  • Flexible user interface (UI) that supports deployment of dynamic pricing, demand response, direct load control, energy efficiency, and renewable programs
  • Interactive customer toolset for understanding usage, recommending action, and validating and reinforcing results
  • Extension of customer toolset to HANs, including device configuration and operational monitoring for cost, comfort, and environmental impact
  • Interactive utility toolset for program design, control, and verification
  • Integration with current enterprise applications and web brand
  • Measurable customer participation and results

Consumer Benefits

  • Instantly see how much energy they are using and understand how their daily patterns affect their electricity usage
  • Uncover energy savings opportunities and learn how much they are spending on energy
  • Compare their home or business usage anonymously with that of other consumers
  • Remotely control settings on their thermostat to maximize their home energy efficiency and save money

Contact us if you would like more information on our secure, web-based Consumer Portal.


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