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Mobile_AppMyEnergate Mobile Application

Have your consumers ever left home and forgotten to adjust their smart thermostat?

Now they can reap the benefits of their MyEnergate™ consumer portal account. They can remotely manage their home’s comfort settings and energy usage with the MyEnergate™ Mobile Application.

Our Mobile Application allows consumers to adjust their smart thermostats—anywhere, anytime, enabling their home to work efficiently and cost effectively.

With MyEnergate™ remote smart thermostat control they can:

  • Remotely adjust the temperature
  • Change the heating and cooling modes, or set the system to automatic for best comfort
  • Turn on the fan to circulate air instead of changing the temperature setting
  • Check the current temperature in their home
  • Lock the temperature at a specific setting to control costs or to fix the comfort level
  • Compare their energy usage to prior periods

If their utility sends electric rates to the meter, they can change the price responsiveness of their thermostat to maximize comfort, or savings. Two tabs enable them to do this: the Simple Savings and the Energy Coach.

Simple Savings Tab

The Simple Savings tab is the dial that helps them set the smart thermostat to maintain their comfort level while conserving energy. They can maximize their savings, their comfort, or somewhere in between—it’s their choice.

The Energy Coach Tab

The Energy Coach tab provides details on how much energy they used during the previous days and weeks, compared to the last 24 hours. The amount their HVAC equipment is running relates directly to how much energy it consumes. Less run time means less energy, which usually means they pay less.




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