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If you need help facilitating the installation of an Energate Smart Thermostat, we offer three accessory products:

  • EZwire AS30 Auxiliary Switch
  • Wall Plate
  • Outdoor Temperature Sensor

EZwire AS30 Auxiliary Switch

EZwire AS30 Auxiliary Switch

This is a unique, patented solution to the common thermostat retrofit problem of a missing common wire.

The EZwire  AS30 Auxiliary Switch multiplexes control signals over as few as two existing wires—without any limitation on power consumption at the thermostat. The solution is ideal as it ensures you have a reliable communication link to the thermostat, and you can deploy it in any of your consumers’ homes.

EZwire is available direct to consumers from HōlHōm and Amazon.

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Wall Plate Accessory

Wall Plate

Our Wall Plate accessory covers the location on the wall of the previous thermostat when the footprint is larger than that of the new Energate Smart Thermostat. It will also cover the holes in the wall if they are not in the right place for mounting the new thermostat.

Outdoor Temperature Sensor

Outdoor Temp Sensor

When installed, the Outdoor Temperature Sensor displays the local outdoor temperature on the Energate Smart Thermostats. Our outdoor temperature sensors benefit heat pump systems: To protect equipment from damage, the sensor enables the Balance Point setting to disable the operation below the defined outdoor temperature.

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