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ZIP Connect

With ZigBee compliance you ensure that utilities and consumers benefit from seamless communications with other ZigBee-enabled components within the Smart Grid.

With Energate ZIP Connect™, you can enable full two-way connectivity with a secure broadband Internet connection through Energate’s ZigBee to IP Gateway. The ZIP Connect™ is a core component of Energate’s interactive energy management solution.

The ZIP Connect™:

  • Enables consumers and utilities to conveniently manage energy use and to reduce peak demand
  • Provides secure access to the Internet so that consumers have global access to managing their energy use
  • Controls the energy use inside the home by empowering consumers and utilities to respond to changing energy pricing and peak load conditions
  • Gives utilities the flexibility to establish Demand Response programs that are tailored to their needs and the needs of their consumers

Key features

  • Compact plug and play device
  • Fully supported ZigBee Pro and Smart Energy Profile
  • Certificate-based key exchange security
  • Remotely upgradeable firmware

Energate’s years of expertise in radio technology ensures comprehensive FCC and government compliance. Energate has in-house ZigBee security experts who have fully implemented the ZigBee Smart Energy Profile (SEP) security requirements in Energate’s products.

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