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Is the Energate thermostat compatible with my heating and cooling system?

Compatible Systems:

  • 24 Volt AC systems with or without a common wire
  • Conventional furnaces with 1 or 2 stages of heating
  • Conventional Air Conditioners with 1 or 2 stages of cooling
  • 1 or 2 stage Heat Pumps with 0 or 1 stages of auxiliary heat
  • Heat Pumps with reversing valve on in heat or on in cool
  • Dual transformer systems (Rh and Rc wires)

Optional Features Supported:

  • Air filter sensor
  • Heat Pump fault sensor
  • Outdoor temperature sensor with 10 kOhm thermistor

Unsupported Heating and Cooling systems:

  • Heat Pumps with 2 or more Aux heat stages
    • Only 1 stage of Aux heat is supported
  • Multi-Zone Thermostats
    • Each Energate thermostat can only control 1 zone
  • Line Voltage Systems (for example baseboard heating)
    • Energate only supports 24V systems, not 120V or 240V
  • Proprietary Communication Protocols between HVAC and thermostat
    • For example Carrier Infinity, Bryant Evolution, and the fully modulating Ruud/Rheem systems

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