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solutionsEnergate Direct Load Control 2.0 Solution

Making Legacy Systems Relevant … “No DLC/DR Asset Left Behind”

Energate is empowering utilities and consumers to take advantage of new technology to manage residential energy use—securely and reliably for the utility, while giving consumers conservation, comfort and convenience.

Our Direct Load Control (DLC) Solution enables utilities to evolve their existing DLC programs into future-proof and viable Demand Response (DR) programs without the need to immediately abandon their legacy DLC program. This allows for a smooth transition from older DLC programs to new DR programs.

Existing Legacy DLC Systems

The Issues

  • One-way communications provide no DLC event feedback, leading to indeterminate performance
  • Devices in the field may be non-responsive or may have been removed without the utilities’ knowledge
  • No upgrade path without a physical visit to consumers’ premises for end-device swap-out or upgrade
  • Pager networks are inherently insecure and are at risk of attack with basic technologies

Proven Path to DR Future

Energate’s Flexible Evolution to Demand Response:

  • Start with current DLC program
  • Add Energate’s devices that use existing one-way pager technology, or add Energate’s devices using two-way digital radio communications
  • Supports both load switches (outdoor or indoor) and programmable communicating thermostats

Energate’s DLC 2.0 Solution enables utilities to:

  • Allow consumers to add Internet enablement with Energate’s ZIP Connect™ bridge
  • Connect to future AMI deployments over ZigBee® with no field visit for full two-way DLC or DR programs
  • Eliminate the current security hole with many one-way paging programs and provide a secure communications network
  • Deploy standards-based solution in the future because ZigBee® is in every Energate device
  • Improve asset and energy management—know your device status and improve predictability to reduce wholesale power costs
  • Ensure participation in DLC events with device tamper detection
  • Utilize consumer engaging mobile apps and portal when broadband is added
  • Offer multiple in-home consumer energy solutions with thermostats, plug-in or wired load switches and in-home displays

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