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residentialHōlHōm+ Solution Overview

Energate’s HōlHōm+™ (pronounced  whole home) Solution provides utilities, particularly those that haven’t yet deployed Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), with the ability to deploy advanced home energy management features and services to their residential and small business customers. At the same time, HōlHōm+ provides reliable, verifiable, and real-time responsive Demand Response capabilities.

At the heart of the HōlHōm+ solution is Energate’s Foundation™ Smart Thermostat and Home Energy Gateway with integrated In-Home Display functionality.  The Foundation  FZ100C is equipped  with  a Meter Data Collector  (MDC)  that attaches to  the  consumer’s existing  meter,  reading  real-time  consumption directly  from the  meter.  Foundation collects and displays the information.

Using Energate’s Wi-Fi radio module, the consumption information is available in the cloud. The cloud services are provided by Energate’s Consumer Connected Demand Response™ (CCDR) platform that provides open APIs for applications such as Energate’s Load Management System (LMS), Customer Portal, and mobile applications.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Easy-to-install, battery-operated meter data collector—easy for the consumer to install
  • Works with 90% of all meters in the field—no meter swap required
  • Neither AMI nor ZigBee is required, but it can be:
    • used on AMI meters
    • installed by utilities that have not deployed  AMI
    • installed before AMI is deployed  and then converted  over to ZigBee-enabled meters  in the future without entering the home
  • Compatible with 90 % of existing regular HVAC systems—broad coverage with one solution
  • Prices can be pushed to Foundation over the Internet—Foundation can respond directly to the price signal automatically
  • Selectable comfort/savings aggressiveness—set and forget convenience
  • No need to provision HōlHōm+ to utility back-office systems—minimize coordination with field operations for easier installation
  • Add devices such as Energate’s PLM1202 (HōlHōm Smart Plug) Plug-in Load Manager—provides more detailed energy consumption information as well as remote control

Technical Information

  • MDC wirelessly transmits meter data to Foundation
  • MDC receiver built into Foundation
  • Wi-Fi 80211 a/b/g
  • ZigBee SEP 1.1
  • Up to 2 Heat/2 Cool (Conventional) and up to 3 Heat/2 Cool (Heat Pumps) Uses regular 5 wire 24 VAC configuration
  • Can be installed in retrofits with as few as two wires with Energate’s optional EZwire Auxiliary Switch

HōlHōm+ is available direct to consumers for ‘bring your own device’ programs from, or contact us if you would like more information on our HōlHōm+ Solution.

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