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Home Builder Energy Management

Energate’s Home Builder Home Energy Management Solution delivers advanced home energy management—enabling your home buyers to control their monthly bill. They will have total control of the single biggest energy consumer in their home—heating and cooling.

Your home buyers are becoming technologically astute and they will expect their home to be future ready. With HōlHōm, home buyers can control their energy while exceeding their expectations of advanced technology. You’ll give your home buyers control over how much they spend on energy, and the knowledge that they are contributing to a greener world for future generations.

And if the local power utility has a peak load reduction or energy efficiency program, the home buyer—or sometimes you, the builder—might be entitled to a rebate from the utility for installing HōlHōm, making this new technology even more attractive. 

With our Interactive Energy Management Solution, you’re not only building green with best-in-class practices like sealing the building envelope, proper insulation, and installing high-efficiency windows and doors, but now you’re going to the next level. By installing HōlHōm you’re actually providing your home buyers with complete control of their heating and cooling energy use, while building a home that is cost conscious and environmentally friendly.

Future-ready devices are Over-The-Air (OTA) upgradeable—OTA is standard with all Energate products. HōlHōm helps ensure that your home buyers contribute to a green earth, well into the future.

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