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solutionsInteractive Energy Management

Would you like to reduce your energy consumption and save money? Whether you’re a utility or a consumer, you can take advantage of our new technology to manage residential energy use.

For the Consumer

Energate’s Interactive Energy Management solution provides:

  • In-home devices, mobile applications, and portals that place energy use information in the hands of consumers—enabling them to reduce energy use and save money
  • Comfort and convenience—consumers can set and forget

For Utility and Energy Infrastructure Companies

Energate’s solution provides:

  • Security and reliability
  • The ability to gain control over energy demand challenges
  • Two-way verifiable communications
  • Upgradable, scalable, secure and reliable load control
  • Flexible options for today and versatility for tomorrow
  • Demand Side Management Programs in partnership with the consumer

With Energate, you’ll have a highly secure, end-to-end interactive energy management solution for demand response that complies with government regulations and with open, industry-based standards. With Energate’s “security-built-in” design, you can be assured your customer’s data is safe and secure from the device to the centre.

Over the past 10 years, Energate has delivered interactive energy management solutions for demand response programs that work and exceed the expectations of the world’s foremost utility companies. You can count on Energate to deliver high-value solutions, all while gaining a trusted business advisor and partner.

Contact us if you would like more information on our Interactive Energy Management solution.

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