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solutions Light Commercial Demand Response

Do you wish you had more awareness and control over energy demand? Whether you’re a utility, retail energy provider (REP), energy infrastructure company or a light commercial business, our Interactive Energy Management Solutions give you control and visibility to manage energy use and electric loads.

Our Light Commercial Demand Response Solution includes:

  • Direct Load Control (centralized) for Light Commercial
    • For the Light Commercial Business
    • For Utilities, REP’s, and Energy Infrastructure Companies
  • TOU or Dynamic Pricing (decentralized) for Light Commercial
    • For the Light Commercial Business
    • For Utilities, REP’s, and Energy Infrastructure Companies

Direct Load Control (centralized) for Light Commercial Demand Response

Some utility programs depend on the centralized control of loads to help ensure reliability. In those cases, the centralized character of Direct Load Control (DLC) can be the right solution.

DLC provides utilities with the ability to reduce peak demand independent of consumer involvement. However, with Energate’s DLC 2.0 solution, utilities can retain their current DLC programs and later add two-way verifiability to enable localized management for the utility and direct consumer interaction in the future, either through AMI, broadband, or available 2-way networks.

For the Light Commercial Business

Direct Load Control programs allow light commercial and industrial power users to participate in Demand Response programs with minimal inconvenience. Once the program is active, the DLC equipment is typically controlled less than 10 times a year.

Energate’s Interactive Energy Management Solution provides a suite of options that provide control of the energy use of light commercial operations. Through Energate’s Load Control Switches or the best-in-class Foundation™ Smart Thermostat and Home Energy Gateway, businesses will get visibility that will show them where energy is being used so they can focus on those areas that will make a difference.

Light Commercial businesses will have:

  • Full control of their thermostat via the Internet
  • A mobile application that provides remote control
  • Control over the level of participation to the extent allowed by the utility program
  • The opportunity to earn incentives as offered by the utility

For Utilities, REP’s, and Energy Infrastructure Companies

DLC puts the utility in direct charge of the devices that control the loads. DLC solutions can use devices that can be installed without entering the building, greatly reducing the cost of installation due to issues like missed appointments.

Utilities can configure Energate’s solution to allow light commercial customers to opt-out of an event if they choose, or to not allow opt-out during an event. Where two-way communications are available, Energate’s Interactive Energy Management Solution provides complete event reporting, including event acknowledgement and whether or not a light commercial participant opts-out (if allowed), and how long they participated in the event.

Interactive energy management means that utilities will be able to “see” their loads to determine what resources are available at any point in time. Energate’s CORE middleware coupled with its Load Management System (LMS) or a third-party LMS provides:

  • Complete visibility of device status, both summarized and to the device level
  • Creation, execution, and management of events in real time
  • Complete reporting of Demand Response event performance, including acknowledgement of receipt of the event, if the customer opts-out, and other details about the communication and the device

Energate’s CORE Device Management middleware provides utilities with the ability to continue to use their existing DLC programs, deploying future-enabled devices that can be used with their future AMI ZigBee-enabled meters, or with the business’s Internet connection, to provide real-time measurement and verification of events.

TOU or Dynamic Pricing (decentralized) for Light Commercial

Time-of-Use (TOU) rates and Dynamic Pricing places control of demand management in the hands of the businesses. Instead of controlling devices directly, utilities provide price signals that vary based on the expected load on the system.

TOU rates use different prices during different hours during the day, and do not vary on a day-to-day basis but keep the same prices on a seasonal basis. TOU rates encourage customers to use less energy during certain hours which helps utilities on peak-load days, and it impacts consumption every day, not just peak days.

Dynamic Pricing includes different pricing methods that increase the price dramatically on days that peak loads need to be reduced. The ultimate dynamic pricing program is real-time pricing where the customer pays the current market price for electricity each hour—similar to the way consumers buy gas for their cars.

Typical Dynamic Pricing Programs include Peak Time Rebates (PTR) and Critical Peak Pricing (CPP) where the customer is given a credit or saves money respectively for reducing their load.

Energate’s Interactive Energy Management Solution supports any combination of pricing models and DLC programs.

For Light Commercial Business

TOU or Dynamic Pricing programs are great incentives for the consumer because they have the most control over their energy costs. Reducing loads during high-cost periods will always result in a reduced bill. Also, with these type of programs, utilities can provide much more subtle cues with light price changes allowing them to “dial in” the exact load reduction they need. From the participants perspective, there is complete choice on when to participate and how. All load reduction is rewarded, not just particular loads as in DLC.

With Energate’s Consumer Connected Demand Response™ (CCDR) platform, consumers have complete access to energy information on a real-time basis (with the Internet enabled options) on which they can make energy purchasing decisions. Energate’s MyEnergate Mobile Application provides a consumer with interactive energy management by allowing remote control of devices like smart thermostats.

And to really make energy management easy, Energate’s thermostats provide consumers with a simple “dial” that allows them to select maximum comfort, maximum savings, or one of three comfort settings in between, making it simply set-and-forget. And if a specific temperature is critical, you can simply walk up to any of Energate’s thermostats, touch the up or down arrows to hold the temperature to any setting you want and ignore the price signals.

With Energate’s CCDR platform and Interactive Energy Management Solution consumers will have secure and safe control of their energy use, and will have access to their energy consumption information.

For Utilities, REP’s, and Energy Infrastructure Companies

TOU and Dynamic Pricing enables utilities to cost-effectively mitigate their financial risk of serving loads during peak times.

TOU rates depend on year-round normal load characteristics and may not recover all the expenses actually incurred serving the loads, although it is much more likely to than a flat rate structure.

Variable Peak Pricing (VPP) further improves the economic benefit, and Critical Peak Pricing (CPP) can be layered in for additional pricing flexibility. For the right type of customer, Real Time Pricing (RTP) is an excellent option.

Dynamic Pricing is very flexible and can be designed to dramatically reduce the cost-risk of serving peak loads by more closely reflecting peak- price periods to high-cost periods.

In many cases, utilities can reduce their risks, let customers reduce their bills, and not adversely impact the utilities’ net revenues with dynamic pricing. Reduced bills and providing light commercial customers with more control over how they purchase electricity leads to higher customer satisfaction.

With Energate’s Interactive Energy Management Solution:

  • Utilities can send either TOU or dynamic prices directly to devices
  • CORE coupled with LMS monitors the participation of each and every device
  • Energate’s Consumer Portal provides consumers with the tools they need to understand their energy purchases
  • In cases of extreme system emergencies, CORE can execute mandatory DLC events within seconds to prevent cascading outages

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