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Save MoneyMURBinator – Electric Baseboard Management System

Energate’s Multi-Unit Residential Building Management System (The MURBinator™) will reduce electricity consumption and demand/delivery charges associated with electric baseboard heaters.

MURBinator is well suited to multi-unit residential buildings (MURB) in which tenants are not charged for their individual electricity consumption.  MURB reduces electricity costs associated with baseboard heaters.

MURBinator System – the components

Pioneer Smart Thermostat

The Pioneer thermostat can replace existing baseboard wall thermostats when all four wires (two supply wires and two load wires) are available in the junction box behind the thermostat. More about Pioneer.

Property Manager Pioneer

ZIP Connect

Energate’s ZIP Connect Zigbee to IP gateway connects to the existing broadband internet connection providing secure communications with the Pioneer smart thermostat and any Smart Plug-in load control switches.  More information about ZIP Connect.

ZIP Connect

CCDR Energy Management

Energate’s CCDR energy management system for MURBs provides ongoing adjustments to the thermostats to match weather conditions to reduce overall energy consumption while ensuring sufficient heat is supplied to tenants to meet comfort obligations and needs. More information about CCDR.

MyEnergate Web Portal and Mobile Apps

MyEnergate web portal and mobile apps provide property managers secure utility grade access to configure thermostats and connected appliance loads (Smart Plug load control switches) putting property managers in control of electricity use. Learn more about MyEnergate web portal for property managers and mobile apps.

Energate’s Smart Load Control Switches

The optional Smart Plug-in load control switch for controlling window air conditioning is compatible with window A/C units that automatically restart after a power interruption.  Additional appliances can also be managed with load control switches including electric water heaters and heat pumps.    More about Load Control Switches.

Tame the Energy Monster – Contact us if you would like to learn more about our MURBinator – MURB Electric Baseboard Management System.

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