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Energy Management That Works – Reliable And Verifiable Real-time Demand Response

Affordable peak load management and energy efficiency solutions for municipal utilities and electric cooperatives.

“Peak Comfort” is your easy program for peak load management and energy efficiency.  Engage your members and customers with an energy efficient in-home device that can save them money and simultaneously deploy a peak load management solution.

It’s a win-win for utility operations and your members and customers.  Energate provides shared control of in-home assets allowing both the homeowner and the utility to control the same device.  Utility initiated voluntary events can be overridden by the homeowner but mandatory events, if the utility chooses to use them, cannot.

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For the Utility

Peak Comfort is a Bring-Your-Own-Thermostat program where the utility does not pay for or install the thermostat.  The Peak Comfort program encourages homeowners to purchase and install HōlHōm themselves so they can take advantage of the advanced features.

HōlHōm is much more than a Wi-Fi enabled smart thermostat. It’s also a home energy gateway providing customers with the option to control other appliances and devices in their homes.  Utility provided load switches (wired and smart plugs) can be added to the HōlHōm  to enhance the demand response resources in each home.

Energate’s utility-grade, standards-based Consumer Connected Demand Response (CCDR) platform provides everything you need to manage your peaks using direct load control or demand response options.  Energate’s CCDR platform can also support a wide range of future pricing and signal-based response options.

CCDR and HōlHōm support a complete line of in-home devices that can easily be added by the homeowner or an electrician.  Any electric load in the home can potentially become a demand response resource through CCDR’s shared control capability.

Of course all devices in the Peak Comfort program have both individual homeowner access via a web portal and mobile applications while utilities have the option to use Energate’s easy-to-use Load Management System for programs and events.

With very little investment you can offer your members a cool thermostat promotion that yields an effective peak load management system.

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For Members and Customers

With the trend in connected devices, homeowners are increasingly looking for devices that provide control using smart phones, tablets, and computers.  The Peak Comfort program lets homeowners purchase what is arguably THE most advanced thermostat in the world.

Homeowners will love that HōlHōm is more than a smart Wi-Fi thermostat, it’s a smart thermostat and a home energy gateway.  They simply go to, read about it, buy it, and install it.  If they need help there are resources like YouTube videos and support pages.

Using the utility provided Promotional Code, they become eligible for a discount/rebate/promotion that is aligned with the utility.

Homeowners can also expand their in-home energy management network right away through the addition of a Smart Plug providing members and customers to manage plug-in appliances for additional savings.

Homeowners can view and remotely manage their devices using the MyEnergate web portal and mobile applications (Apple iOS and Android) from anywhere at any time.

With HōlHōm and the MyEnergate Portal homeowners can:

  • Control their thermostat
  • Schedule their thermostat
  • Add/Remove/Change holds
  • View energy consumption
  • Control Smart Plugs and Wired Load Switches
  • View graphs of temperature and energy use
  • Manage advanced options like price response and Alōha (away/return)

How Peak Comfort Works

Peak Comfort was designed to minimize the utility’s effort in implementing and maintaining the program.  Energate will provide all the materials, support, administration, train your customer service representatives, and write the implementation plan you need to make the program a success.  If you already have a program, Peak Comfort can easily be incorporated with your existing work flow to avoid having to set up new processes.

Six easy steps to implement:

  1. Sign up for Energate’s Peak Comfort program.
  2. Develop messaging and marketing materials and set up a website landing page (Energate does all the heavy lifting).
  3. Create the promotional offer for the utility based on their objective. This includes the promotion code, landing page, incentives, or other promotions.  Could be tied to other utility programs or messaging.
  4. Reach out to homeowners, and light commercial businesses, identifying how they can buy and install HōlHōm.
  5. Customers install HōlHōm and register for the utility’s program.
  6. The utility enables the HōlHōm Smart Thermostat using the Load Management System of CCDR and provides the rebate/incentive to the homeowner or business.

Why Bother?

  • Member engagement
    • Web portal
    • Interactive mobile app
    • Device with on screen messaging (in-home display)
  • Utility operations
    • Manage peak load
    • Customer service – see what is happening in real time
      • Contact your customers with critical information with built in text messaging
  • Detailed data
    • Minute by minute data when internet connected
    • Energy information
    • Equipment performance



Oklahoma Gas & Electric (OG&E) installed over 50,000 homes with an Energate Smart Thermostat which consistently delivered over 1.9 kW per home of load reduction.

OG&E SmartHours


An innovative pilot by PowerStream is providing participating customers with a dynamic new way of managing their electricity costs – one with the potential to provide significant savings to the grid and to customers.

Remote Control Canada Stays


Energate is providing devices to retail energy provider’s qualified customers that reduce electricity use with in-home devices at no cost to the consumer. The devices help educate customers on how much power they have used and what it is costing them in addition to providing better HVAC control. More info here.

Canada Stays HolHom

Energy management that works because it connects and stays connected.

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